Learn more about BestLifeRewarded

What is BestLifeRewarded®?

BestLifeRewarded® is a Canadian, rewards-based, evidence-informed health behaviour change program designed to change the face of health in Canada.- starting with you!

How does the program work?

Log in to BestLifeRewarded® to unlock your personal health profile. Take the comprehensive health risk assessment survey to get your personalized small steps action plan to help you lead a healthier live. Learn about healthy living, track your activities, set goals, reminders, get healthy recipes, and much more. You will earn reward points as you participate in the program and achieve milestones.

What do I do with my points?

You can use your points to bid on great rewards by visiting the “My Rewards” page found on the top menu bar when you sign in (click on the menu item at the top of the page). Use your points to place a bid (or many bids) on the rewards shown and you could be a lucky winner in one of the monthly draws.

How do I know what rewards are available?

Go to the “My Rewards” page (click on the menu item at the top of the page) to view the available rewards.

How do I bid on a reward?

When you are on the “My Rewards” page, just click the reward you wish to place a bid on, then enter the number of ballots you want to purchase with your points.

When you bid on a reward, you will see the date of the draw, the number of ballots you have entered and the number of overall total ballots entered in the draw. Once you bid on an item, your points will automatically be deducted from your account.

You can use your points to place bids for multiple ballots of the same reward, or you can use your points to bid on different rewards. It’s entirely up to you.

When are the draws?

Draws are held on the fifteenth (15th) day of each month for the rewards listed below.

• 5 X $10 items
• 4 x $25 items
• 2 x $50 items

What are the odds of winning?

The odds of winning vary by reward and by draw. Click on the reward to see the next draw date, the total number of ballots entered overall, and the total number ballots you have entered, if any. The more healthy activities you take part in on BestLifeRewarded, the more points you earn.

How do the draws work?

The monthly random draws are taken from all qualifying entries received according to the individual draw deadlines as listed per reward. You can also look forward to bonus draws that will be held intermittently as our way of saying thank you for taking charge for your health and being part of BestLifeRewarded.

In the event that a winning entrant cannot be contacted within a reasonable time period (15 business days), another winner will be selected and contacted. The same reasonable time period applies and carries forward until a final winner is selected from the qualified entries.

What happens if I win a reward?

You’ll receive an email notifying you that you have won a reward along with instructions on how to claim it. This includes a release form which you will be asked to complete, sign and return. To return the release form, you can:

• Reply to the email with the completed and signed release form, or
• Print the form, complete and sign, and mail to: BestLifeRewarded Innovations., 2525 Old Bronte Road, Suite 300, Oakville, ON, L6M 4J2, Canada.

How do I accept my reward?

Rewards must be accepted as awarded and are not transferable, redeemable, refundable or exchangeable for cash and not replaceable if lost or stolen, except as determined by BestLifeRewarded Innovations in its sole discretion. As a winner, you may be required to provide proof of identification when claiming a reward to ensure the accurate identification of a reward draw winner.