About BestLifeRewarded

Our Mission

To promote the health of all Canadians.

BestLifeRewarded®, created by BestLifeRewarded Innovations brings the benefits of recognized loyalty programs with a focus on something much more important – your health.

"We want Canada to take action toward positive steps to manage their health, and believe Health Canada and provincial Health Promotion agencies will save millions of dollars when BestLifeRewarded® is available to everyone," said Susanne Cookson, one of the founders of BestLifeRewarded®. "Our population is overweight, inactive, fail to take medications as prescribed and the consequences are that rates of obesity, diabetes, heart disease and stroke are exploding. We are bringing extra motivation and tangible rewards to encourage a healthier lifestyle."

Our Members

BestLifeRewarded® is available to all Canadians. Our mission is to get Canada healthy. Watch the video below to see how you might benefit.

Advisory Board

BestLifeRewarded Innovations, the creators of BestLifeRewarded® work with not-for-profit organizations, such as the Canadian Obesity Network, Dietitians of Canada and the Canadian Cardiovascular Society, consumer health goods and pharmaceutical companies in a coordinated assault to encourage a healthier Canada.
In addition, BestLifeRewarded Innovations relies on direction provided by our advisory board comprised of leading health and behavioural experts from across North America. For more information on our advisory board members, please contact us.

BestLifeRewarded Innovations

BestLifeRewarded Innovations Inc. (CJL) is a Canadian company founded for the sole purpose of getting Canada healthier. The management team had worked in healthcare marketing and sales for many years and were constantly taken aback by the staggering increases in chronic disease -- with no foreseeable solution. For them, the deciding factor was the prediction that we will now outlive our kids due to the rates of obesity and associated diseases. BestLifeRewarded Innovations was created to do things differently and drive immediate action to reduce and improve our health risks. CJL brought together healthcare professionals, not-for-profit organizations and industry leaders to establish a coordinated assault for a healthier Canada. Having worked in the business, they were acutely aware of how overwhelming it can be when someone is diagnosed with a disease or told to lose 100 lbs. Adding further complication was a fragmented health system with many players and agendas that convoluted the goals to increase health.

CJL knew they had to develop a simple system that was available to everyone, so they analyzed all the research about how to increase success and developed a sophisticated communications system to drive results. They also explored a vast array of loyalty programs. These programs had great success for driving people to gas stations and coffee shops, so why not apply this model in healthcare? They knew that the combination of great tools and information, gradual steps to make changes and rewards for efforts would provide the best scenario for success. BestLifeRewarded® is the first-ever loyalty program that focuses solely on health. CJL is proud to provide tools that empower Canadians to make healthy changes. If you are interested in finding out more or getting involved, please contact us.

Management Team

Susanne Cookson Cynthia Hastings-James
Known for her creativity and innovation, Susanne has over 20 years in the healthcare sector with significant accomplishments along the way. While in Health Promotion at the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario, Susanne developed over 50 patient and consumer educational resources and programs, including a health television series and pan Canadian school site health promotion programs. To further add to Susanne’s profile, she has had 10 years of Canadian and international sales and marketing experience in the pharmaceutical industry . Her outstanding performance was recognized in 2006 as she was inducted into the Canadian Healthcare Marketing Hall of Fame. With over 15 years in eBusiness, Cynthia brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to BestLifeRewarded Innovations. She served at the Director and Vice-President level of several agencies including Leo Burnett, Medicus and Discovery Canada, focusing on health-related programs. In 2004, Cynthia joined mdBriefCase Inc. and established rxBriefCase.com, the leading provider of Canadian pharmacist continuing education. Cynthia was President of rxBriefCase from 2005-2010.